Hearing Tests


Under the occupational health and safety regulation of BC, all employers are required to provide annual hearing tests to workers exposed to 85 + decibels of noise over an 8 hour period. This is to help prevent hearing loss by monitoring if it is happening, and to motivate workers to use their hearing protection consistently.


1. Schedule a time convenient for the employer and bring our mobile test unit to the job site.
2. Record worker case history
3. Perform pure tone test in sound treated booth
4. Explain the results
5. Counsel on the importance of consistent and proper use of hearing protection in the presence of hazardous noise both on and off the job.
6. Provide employer with record of employee results
7. Submit results to WorkSafeBC
8. Follow-up with employer for next annual appointment


  • Employee is back on the job within 20 minutes or less
  • Employee is encouraged to practice safe work habits
  • Employer complies with WorkSafeBC requirements