Other Services

Technician for In-House Testing

If you have your own in-house testing facilities, you may find times when you need an industrial audiometric technician.  We offer our services to work at your site using your equipment.  This can be either on a temporary basis to fill in when your own technician may be unavailable or on a longer term basis.

Crew Talks

We can come on site during a time convenient for you and your workers and give a short (20 minute) presentation on:

  • Hearing
  • Hearing loss
  • Hearing protection

We help people to understand the importance of hearing and hearing protection using visual aids and audio demonstrations of how damaging hearing loss can be. This can be a powerful motivator to encourage the proper use of hearing protection at your work site.

Noise Surveys

Some work environments are just on the “edge” (82-85dbALex) of being in excess of what WorkSafeBC defines as hazardous noise (i.e. 85+dbALex).

How do you know for sure whether or not you need to implement a hearing conservation program and spend money on annual hearing tests?

Noise surveys provide the answer.  We can come to your work site and measure the noise levels and average them to an 8 hour shift exposure level.

Hearing Conservation Programs

Any work environment that exceeds 85dbALex is required by WorkSafeBC to have a formal hearing conservation program.  As an employer, you can develop your own following the guidelines in the Sound Advice Manual on the WorkSafeBC website.  Or, you can hire us to come in and develop one for you.